Dilan Abeya Is a Social Media Master and Financial Star

During the past few years, marketing has changed significantly. While TV commercials and radio spots played a role in the past, and still do to this day, the internet is the place around which marketing is centered. This includes numerous major companies including not only retail outlets but even financial companies as well. JP Morgan has jumped to the forefront of this internet and social media movement with one of their senior sales traders named Dilan Abeya.

Without a doubt, Dilan Abeya is a financial rock star. You don’t get to the point he is at with JP Morgan without being good with money. At the same time, Dilan Abeya is a man of many talents and he has demonstrated his chops with social media as well. For example, Dilan Abeya has more than 53,000 followers on Instagram already, which is the marquee video and picture-sharing platform. He uses his platform to advocate for everything ranging from travel destinations to turmeric shots and everything in between. Many of the items that he can be seen modeling on his Instagram channel can also be seen on the trading floors, showing his prowess when it comes to social media marketing.

Even though Dilan Abeya has spent ten years working for JP Morgan in equity sales trading, he also has experience in other locations as well, including Merrill Lynch. Now, he is an executive director at the bank. While he didn’t rise to this position solely because of his social media abilities, this certainly didn’t hurt.

According to his social media pages, Dilan Abeya also participates in graduate recruitment in addition to his role as a financial professional. Those who are going to be interviewed by him might want to mention his channel! While his social media channels are known for his flashy abs, he is also demonstrating his abilities as an influencer. As a result, he is able to communicate with his followers and sway them in one direction or another. This is good for not only his pages but also the companies that he works for as well, showcasing his versatile range of talents.

These are just a few of the many ways that Dilan Abeya has demonstrated his abilities with social media. As social media continues to grow, those who want to find success in the future need to be able to leverage this platform to promote their products and services. While Dilan Abeya is a financial superstar, he clearly has talents with social media as well. It will be interesting to see what he does next. Similar to everything else in his career, he is sure to be good at it.

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6 Types of Content For Showcasing Your Procurement

Good procurement operates like clockwork: constantly running, requiring maintenance and input only once in a blue moon. Because of this, it can be easy to forget that your procurement team is actually the beating pulse of your company. The people who get your business the goods it needs deserve some recognition, and content marketing is the perfect place to give it to them. 

Content is a way to connect with your customers by showing them the areas of your business they wouldn’t normally see. Consumers today are more interested than ever in knowing where their products come from — giving your procurement team the content spotlight can help make this happen.

No matter what level of experience your procurement team has with content, they certainly have something to say. Here are 6 ways they can contribute to your business’s content output:

  • Company Blog

Nearly every business has some kind of blog or newsletter these days, and it’s no wonder why — few formats offer the same regularity, reach, and friendliness that blogs do. Your procurement team can help with this process by making clear some of the murkier aspects of their jobs: how do they manage logistics? What does it look like to be part of a group purchasing organization? How important is procurement to a business’s operations?

You can also use the blog to showcase employees who may not get enough recognition. Telling stories about the individual people that make your company work can help your customers understand that your business isn’t just a faceless organization: it’s a collection of individuals, just like them.

  • Content Strategy Input

The same way that your marketing team thinks about customers, your procurement team thinks about vendors. Procurement specialists need to always be aware of how to keep vendors happy, how to court new ones, and how to maintain existing relationships — sound familiar?

Get your procurement experts to review your content strategy for holes. How could the ways they treat your vendors teach you how to treat customers? This is a relationship that could work both ways, too: talking to them about your best marketing practices could have an impact on them in return.

  • Video Content

Videos are one of the most effective forms of content marketing. Allowing your customers to literally put faces to your brand is invaluable.

The keyword here is “faces” plural: it’s easy for viewers to get tired of seeing your CEO over and over again. Humanize your brand by putting members of every team — including and especially your procurement experts — in front of the camera.

There’s no hard prescription on what kind of videos your brand needs to be producing. If you operate in a fairly obscure niche, consider making educational videos wherein different employees explain what they do in your business. You could also experiment with more entertaining content — encourage your employees to get creative, and your audience will notice. 

  • Insights and Research 

Your procurement team is at the cutting edge of some of the biggest developments in the market today: what’s happening to transportation costs? How are vendors reacting to the COVID-19 crisis? Are there any supply chains at risk of fracture? Answers to any of these questions could provide weeks of insightful content for your business, and lead to some very influential pieces in your sector.

  • “How It’s Made”

“How It’s Made” stories are so popular there’s an entire series on Science Channel with the title. There’s nothing wrong with hopping on a buzzy trend — why not get your procurement team to make a “how it’s made” video of their own?

The story of your product is probably far more interesting than your customers know, so tell them about it. Every product has a journey that it’s taken, and your procurement team knows that journey inside and out. Content like this can help your customers feel as though they have a deeper understanding of what your products are, where they come, and what precisely they’re paying for when they buy them.

  • Partnership Announcements

Partnerships are the name of the game when it comes to procurement. No one wants to be operating off of handshake deals with their vendors, so striking up a strong partnership is just about the biggest win a procurement team can get. Using your content to shout out a certain partner can help cement those new relationships even further.

Your procurement team were probably the ones to strike up the relationship, so it makes perfect sense to let them give insight on the content side of things as well. 

Get a member of your procurement team familiar with the partnership to make the announcement before blasting it out on your blog, publishing a press release, and promoting it in as many ways as possible. The more attention you can get around your partnerships, the more interest other companies will have in striking up their own partnerships with your business. 

Your procurement team probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of content opportunities, but that’s precisely the point: procurement is one of the most under-promoted aspects of your business, and it’s time for you to change that. Bringing your content and procurement teams together can produce amazing results — but it’s up to you to instigate it.

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How to Become a More Mindful Person

How to Become a More Mindful Person written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Ricky Kalmon

mindset shift In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Ricky Kalmon an American stage hypnotist, motivational speaker, TV personality and author of self-improvement audio programs.

His programs are inspirational and offer compelling, applicable tools anyone can use in personal and professional development. Kalmon reveals how our mindset can be the greatest tool in achieving new heights, reducing stress, and increasing productivity and potential.

Ricky Kalmon wrote Leverage Your Mindset: Overcome Limiting Beliefs and Amplify Your Life!: Be Less Stressed, Be Happier, and Be More Mindful. 

Ricky Kalmon’s mindset message and techniques will change the way you live, work, and think. Kalmon works with Fortune 500 companies, sales teams, leaders, executives, and sports teams, teaching them how to reinforce their thoughts and beliefs to enhance their results.

Questions I ask Ricky Kalmon:

  • What was your journey to becoming a hypnotist?
  • What did that teach you
  • How to define the buzzword mindset?
  •  You call it internal software – how do you reprogram or update software?
  • If you are a person that’s been convinced you need to change your mindset – what does the path look like?

More about Ricky Kalmon:

  • For more about Ricky Kalmon
  • More about the book Leverage Your Mindset
  • More about the app

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Zephyr is a modern, cloud-based CMS that’s licensed only to agencies. The system is lightweight, easy to use, and incredibly fast. And with an array of beautiful themes to choose from, you can get your clients’ websites up-and-running quickly and with less effort. Or, if you’d rather build a custom site, Zephyr includes agency services to be your plug-and-play dev shop.

Zephyr is passionate about helping agencies create great websites for their clients. To learn more, go to Zephyrcms.com.

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A Look at 2020 Home Services Growth

A Look at 2020 Home Services Growth written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Tommy Mellow

Home Service ExpertIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Tommy Mellow the founder of A1 Garage Doors, a $50M home service business. 

Tommy also created The Home Service Expert, the No. 1 learning resource for ambitious home service entrepreneurs, whether they are in plumbing, HVAC or any other home service niche.

He created The Home Service Expert to share his knowledge with other entrepreneurs so that they can grow their businesses just like he did.

Questions I ask Tommy Mellow:

  • Home services are booming right now – what challenges are being created because of this? 
  • For our home service clients, hiring is their #1 issue currently – what are you doing to address this? 
  •  How are you differentiating A1 Garage Services?
  • SEO – local – map pack – paid ads – direct mail – they are all important. What’s most important to you right now?
  • What are you doing to encourage referrals and reviews?
  • What are you doing offline? 
  • How are you creating an experience above and beyond a service?  

More about Tommy Mellow:

  • More about A1 Garage Services – serving 14 different states
  • Read Home Services Millionaire
  • Listen to Home Services Expert Podcast

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Look paydays are great. Running payroll, calculating taxes, deductions, compliance that’s not easy. Unless you have Gusto! Gusto is simple online payroll and benefits build just for small business. Because you are a listener of this show you get 3 months free once you run your first payroll.

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5 Ways to Avoid Customer Service Slumps During a Pandemic

Modern thought leaders love to emphasize invested employees, integration of technology, and supply chain management as the most important elements of running a successful business. However, at the end of the day, these pale in comparison to the customer. No matter what industry you operate in, the number one factor to success remains summed up in that old adage that “the customer is always right.”

It doesn’t matter what new business model or leadership trend emerges, the emphasis on the customer doesn’t change one iota

There’s no doubt that the importance of the customer remains a critical element of success. However, the current question facing many leaders is how to deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience during a pandemic. With face-to-face meetings difficult and customer service teams working remotely, here are some of the best ways that you can make sure to avoid a customer service slump during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Unite Your Customer Service Channels

Once upon a time, a company’s customer service consisted of a few dozen reps in a call center. Now, the modern customer service experience is provided through a number of different channels, including:

  • Email.
  • On-site chat.
  • Phone.
  • Text.
  • Social media.

With so many different customer service options available — and often more than one utilized by a single customer service department — it’s important that you unite these into a single contact center experience. 

With a global epidemic raging and personnel scattered to the four winds as they work, it’s essential that your various customer service communication channels become as united as possible. It’s wise to focus this unification effort on a cloud-based system that doesn’t require any physical maintenance. Instead, provide a single online location where customer service messages can be collected. This gives your cloud-based contact team easy access to any and every customer communiqué, whether it’s an email, a social post, or any other message.

2. Set Clear Expectations, Goals, and Objectives

Along with uniting your customer service channels as you operate from a distance, you absolutely must set clear expectations for your customer service team. This should include everyone, from phone reps to website development teams. Anyone who is involved in crafting and delivering your company’s customer experience should have a clear idea of what that experience should look like.

This is absolutely critical during a pandemic. The intricate business of weaving together an effective, omnichannel customer experience is already difficult at any time. However, it’s further complicated by the fact that your team is likely operating on a remote basis. The lack of thorough, consistent communication that comes with working in close proximity to one another can quickly lead to a breakdown in uniform collaboration. The solution is for leaders to set clear standards and objectives to serve as a guiding light for their team to work toward.

3. Maintain Clear Internal Communication

Remote work requires complex technology and endless information to be constantly transmitted from remote locations. This makes it essential that you set up and maintain clear communication channels within your customer service department. The specifics should be tailored to each unique situation. However, a few factors should always be considered:

  • What hardware and software does your team need to effectively communicate? Does everyone have a good computer, headset, internet connection, and so on?
  • What software should your team be using to communicate internally? You may have clear channels set up for outward-facing communication, but does your team have well-established modes of internal communication as well?
  • Have you codified communication best practices for your remote teams? It’s important to set clear guidelines and communication norms. For example, you can come up with acronyms (such as NNTR, “no need to respond”), create acceptable response time windows, establish writing style and tone, and avoid sending excessive or unnecessary communications.

By cultivating consistent internal communication standards, you can ensure that your team remains well-informed, in touch, and on the same page at all times.

4. Strive to Stay Human

In a world defined by technology, efficiency, speed, and convenience, the human factor has become a rare customer service commodity. As customer experience consultant Micah Solomon put it, “The human touch…has become the Midas touch.” 

This is more true than ever when providing customer service in the midst of a socially-distanced pandemic. Delivering a human touch encourages customers to engage with your brand. It helps them relax and feel comforted. It speaks to their humanity and can foster trust, respect, and loyalty. As Solomon puts it, it provides a unique “one-size-fits-one” solution that is easily reproducible within your customer service activities. 

As you attempt to maintain efficiency and quality in your customer experience, remember to look for ways to maintain the human touch. This can come through the tone and word choices used with customers. It can also include training representatives to demonstrate critical behaviors, such as active listening and empathy.

5. Embrace a Continuous Learning Approach

Finally, with the coronavirus threatening to drag on for months, it’s important that you make a consistent effort to implement continuous learning in your customer service efforts. This can come in multiple formats. 

For instance, continually learning and implementing new tools or skills is critical to sustained success. This is especially true in a 21st-century business landscape that is perpetually evolving at breakneck speeds. As both leadership and team members acquire new knowledge, they can use it to improve existing activities and innovate new ideas.

In addition, a continuous learning mindset can help to analyze existing behaviors and methods in order to identify errors. This is a critical factor in avoiding a slump as you lean heavily on new things. For instance, you may have recently embraced a fully remote customer service department and cloud-focused customer service solutions. Both the setup and execution of this new system will hardly be flawless. A continuous learning approach can help to refine and perfect the particular system that you choose to implement.There are many ways that you can proactively keep your customer service on point throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. You can unify customer service channels, set clear expectations, tend to internal communication, adopt continuous learning, and maintain a human touch in your team’s interactions. The most important factor of all, though, is that customer service leaders take ownership of their department and search for solutions before a slump takes place. Only then can they avoid the long-term effects of recovering from a dip in customer service quality. Not only that, but their effort will set them up to maintain a cutting-edge position within their industry in the process.

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How to Update Your Website Policy When Laws Change

How to Update Your Website Policy When Laws Change written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Donata Kalnenaite

Donata KalnenaiteIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Donata Kalnenaite, the President of Termageddon.

Donata is also the engineer behind the policy questions and text provided by Termageddon. She is a licensed attorney and a certified information privacy professional. She often volunteers at the Illinois State Bar Association holding courses on the General Data Protection Regulation where she teaches other attorneys on the importance of privacy and what Privacy Policies should contain. In her free time, Donata enjoys bee keeping, hunting for morel mushrooms and walks with her fiancé and two dogs.

Questions I ask Donata Kalnenaite:

  • As a website owner do we need to pay attention to the terms of service or privacy notes?
  • Does anyone really enforce these matters?
  • If you don’t have one does it effect purchases?
  • What part of these terms are protection for the business owner?
  • “We collect cookies” how important is it to include this?
  • If you purchased your terms back in 1990 are they still good?
  • Are there certain industries that are more at risk?
  • How do companies that sell data fit into this?

More about Donata Kalnenaite:

  • website: termageddon.com
  • On social look for @termageddon

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4 Paid Tactics to Grow Your Instagram Following

The Instagram algorithm is constantly being modified and this is affecting users who rely on Instagram for organic methods negatively. As your reach and engagement are dwindling. 

One way to beat this algorithm change is by growing your following. If you have a bigger following, you will reach more people and achieve higher levels of engagement. And this will land you more chances for being featured on the explore page. 

As of June 2019, Instagram has reached more than 1 billion monthly active users, and these numbers just continue to grow daily. With more users logging into the social platform daily through their mobile devices and tablets, this is leading to quite the opportunity for any content creators and brands looking to take advantage of it.

Therefore, to help you get more followers I have shared some tactics below. Most articles focus on growing your following organically. But you can get a quick spurt in followers with paid tactics. 

So use them to get more followers quickly. 

Run ads:

The most straightforward way to grow your following is with ads. Most people use ads to drive traffic to a page and generate more conversions. But Instagram doesn’t actually like it when you share links in your ads. What they prefer is when you create ads that keep people on Instagram itself. 

So, if you create ads that don’t lead anywhere and have a call to action that gets people to like the photo/video and follow you on Instagram, the network will reward you with more exposure. And this will get you a lot of followers for a very low price. 

So, get a good analytics tool and figure out which of your photos got the most engagement in the past and then promote it as an ad. Use a call to action that goes something like ‘If you like this photo, you should follow us by clicking the follow button to see more of our stuff’. 

This will help you gain followers and a lot of brand impressions very quickly. 

I recommend that you create several versions of your ads with your top ten posts in the past to see what gets you the best results. Start with a small budget of $5 per day for each ad and after you know the winners you can scale them. 

Work with influencers:

Another great paid tactic for getting Instagram followers is influencer marketing. There are a lot of accounts out there that regularly post content and build up their followers organically. They are also constantly engaging with their followers. Therefore, if you use influencer marketing and get the influencers to recommend your account, you can build up a following quickly. 

And they will be real followers that will engage with your content. 

But in order to get this right, you need to work with the right accounts. The first point to keep in mind is that they need to be relevant to your brand. And the second thing is that they need to have real followers. 

There are many accounts out there that have fake followers and engagement. So, you need to spend a lot of time to vet accounts and ensure they have real followers and high levels of engagement. 

Buy an account:

Another quick shortcut, you might want to try is to purchase an Instagram account. There are several sites out there where you can buy Instagram accounts. This can help you get thousands of followers almost instantly. 

There’s no need to wait for a while to get a lot of followers like with the above two tactics. 

But the problem with this method is that you can’t merge this account with your existing account. You will need to use it separately. 

Also, make sure you vet the accounts followers and engagement levels. You should only buy an Instagram account if the engagement levels are good. 

Do a giveaway:

Another quick and effective way to build your following is by running a giveaway. This is where you ask people to follow your account to win a prize. If it’s a good prize a lot of people will follow you. You can combine this with a sign up to generate leads too. 

But make sure you only offer a very relevant prize as a general prize will attract everyone and not your target audience. 

To get the most followers from a giveaway make sure you promote it with ads and outreach. And it is also advised to launch a few content articles and promotions from your website or blog in reference to any giveaways you might be running. This has proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase IG marketing efforts.

Another option to consider is running a sponsored giveaway where you ask an influencer to run the giveaway, but in order for the people to take part, they need to follow you and not the influencer. 


These are the 4 paid tactics you can use to grow your Instagram following. You should combine these with organic methods to get maximum followers.

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Rusty Tweed Shares How to Use Social Media to Find Scholarships

Rusty Tweed is interested in helping students find
scholarship opportunities. Scholarships can be a crucial aspect of access to
higher education, and students should look at all possible avenues to receive
these funds. Students should apply for as many scholarships as possible, using
this funding to defray college costs and to reduce the number of student loans
they will need to incur.

Social media can be a valuable place to search for scholarship information. Most students use social
media daily, so it is not difficult to divert some of this time to a
scholarship search.

Methods for Finding a Scholarship

The simplest way to find a scholarship is to enter your field of
study and “scholarship” into the social media search bar. You may be able to
find scholarship listings, news stories, and press releases this way. It is
smart to go beyond your field of study and to enter any pertinent categories
you may fall into. For example, choosing women’s scholarships or baseball
scholarships may get results.

Searching on Facebook

Facebook can be a gold mine for scholarship opportunities.
There are many user groups with the purpose of collecting scholarship
opportunities and posting them publicly or for their members.

It is also wise to search for the institution you want to
attend and see whether they have any scholarships targeted for you. You can
also look up the admissions and financial aid offices on Facebook and ask
whether they know of any useful scholarship information.

You should also consider asking your friends or your
parents’ friends whether they know of any scholarships that are available in
your local area. Friends’ parents can be an important untapped source of
information since they frequently have established professional careers.

LinkedIn Connections

Students should not overlook LinkedIn when looking for
scholarships. It is a good idea for students to make themselves a LinkedIn
profile, assembling an academic and professional resume early in their careers.
Your contact network may be able to tell you about scholarship opportunities.

Some companies offer their own scholarships, and LinkedIn is
a good place to look for these corporate opportunities. They may be intended
for future employees, or they may be targeted toward certain interests.

Searching on Twitter

Twitter specializes in sharing and resharing information. It
is also an interesting, informal way to get to know people online. Directly tagging a scholarship provider or college
financial aid office on Twitter may get you quick responses to your inquiry.
Building your Twitter network is a good use of your time, especially as you go
toward applications for college and graduate school.

You should also follow accounts that collect and list
scholarship opportunities. As always, watch these opportunities for red flags
to make sure you are not giving away too much personal information in an
insecure fashion.

Scholarships are Competitive

You may not always be able to expect your peers to pass
along scholarship opportunities, since these can be rather competitive.
Especially if your friends are in similar courses of study, they may be looking
at the same scholarships you want. Consider talking to people in different
areas of study and different classes to see which scholarships they have
applied for in the past.

Optimizing the Search Process

When you are creative with your text searches, you will have
an easier time finding scholarships. Look for opportunities that are targeted
to your educational level, a field of study, hobbies, home state, and hometown.
When you take all of your options into account, you will be likely to find an
appropriate scholarship. Remember to apply for as many as possible,
understanding that each scholarship usually has only one recipient.

Making Sure Your Scholarship Opportunity is Legitimate

While the overwhelming majority of scholarship providers are
legitimate, here are some red flags you should look out for. The first
caveat is to watch out for scholarships with application fees. Legitimate
scholarships are almost always free for application.

Another problem you should look out for is if the
scholarship asks for too much personal information. If you have to give your
Social Security number, birth date, and/or credit card information before
applying, this is likely to be a financial scam.

Legitimate scholarships may need your personal information
if you are the lucky recipient so that tax records can be fully filled-out.

Be Open-Minded

No matter how you search for a scholarship, make sure to
visit your high school or college counselor’s office to see whether they have
any recommendations for you. Most counseling offices and career centers keep
information regarding scholarships that can be useful for your studies.

Rusty Tweed and other professionals offer their own endowed scholarships, and it is wise to take advantage of these openings. Rusty Tweed’s scholarship is one of many that you should have on your radar.

The post Rusty Tweed Shares How to Use Social Media to Find Scholarships appeared first on Social Media Explorer.

Original source: https://socialmediaexplorer.com/social-media-research-2/rusty-tweed-shares-how-to-use-social-media-to-find-scholarships/

How to Use PR to Build Credibility for Your Business

How to Use PR to Build Credibility for Your Business written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing

Marketing Podcast with Gloria Chou

PRIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Gloria Chou, former TV producer and U.S. Diplomat, and founder of Gloria Chou PR.

Gloria has spent her entire career using various media to tell stories that create opportunity and impact. She often hear from founders doing incredible things that the reason they aren’t telling their story to a wider audience is because they think they “aren’t ready yet.”

As someone who has worked extensively with early-stage founders and have gotten their stories into top-tier outlets such as the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal before they are even funded or launched, she has discovered that this is the #1 limiting belief that stands between where they are now, and where they would like to go.

Her approach to PR is unconventional and unlike anything you’ve seen, because she created them out of necessity. She has never worked at an agency or never had industry contacts or relationships with journalists when she began, and have never spent a penny on ads or sponsored content to this day. She learned how to “hack” her own PR by cold calling/emailing thousands of editors and learned what works to create her winning methods she now teaches to early-stage founders.

Questions I ask Gloria Chou:

  • In this day and age what is PR?
  • Has blogging changed the role of accredited journalists?
  • How do you break through the clutter when pitching?
  • What role does a press release play?

What you’ll learn if you give a listen:

  • The role of PR is to build credibility
  • How to connect with journalists
  • How to tailor your pitch
  • How press releases can turn into exclusives

More about Gloria Chou:

  • website: www.gloriachoupr.com
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gloriaychou/
  • Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/gloriachoupr
  • Free PR Master Class and PR Roadmap download: https://learn.gloriachoupr.com/starter

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Original source: https://ducttapemarketing.com/how-to-use-pr-to-build-credibility-for-your-business/

Growthoid Review: A Powerful Tool to Boost Organic Instagram Followers

Here’s how Growthoid can get you more real Instagram followers and get more eyes looking at your content. It’s a total game changer. 

There’s no shortage of competition on Instagram, and with  1 billion active users on a monthly basis, there are plenty of potential followers in any target audience. 

And, to no surprise, the top accounts on Instagram these days have hundreds of thousands, even millions, of followers.

What’s their secret? 

The best performing influencers on Instagram make it look like a piece of cake, but it’s not as simple as it may seem. 

Do you think that top influencers or top accounts stay tirelessly connected to Instagram building their following for hours on end? 

Or, do they enlist a growth tool to help focus on growing their following? 

After all, their time is better spent producing top-notch content.

Today we wanted to take some time to review the best bot and automation-free growth service out there: Growthoid. It’s a game changer. 

Growthoid Review

We all know that the road to being successful on Instagram is mainly based on a healthy ratio of followers to engagement. When shopping around for a growth company, it’s absolutely vital that you focus on one that can provide this. 

Growthoid is without a doubt one of them. 

Why Is Follower Quality Important?

When Instagram growth first started, everyone rushed to buy followers. Over time, this became frowned upon and Instagram even put out some guidelines to prevent this from happening, mainly because the fake activity of bot accounts hindered the platform experience. 

Even still, you may find yourself considering buying a set quantity of followers to increase your numbers. Don’t do it. These followers hold no value and will do nothing for your account. 

Users of Instagram and brand partners or sponsors are looking for accounts that have engagement that matches their followers. It’s far more valuable to have 15k followers with a high engagement rate over 80K with just a few likes and random comments. 

When choosing a growth organization, choosing one that boosts valuable followers like Growthoid is key to success. 

What is Growthoid? 

So, you may be curious, what exactly is Growthoid? 

Growthoid is the best organic growth company for Instagram that dedicates itself to growing your follower count manually— that means they do it without bots or automation, interacting with real accounts and therefore providing you with real followers. 

While there’s no shortage of companies out there ready to offer you the world in terms of real followers, you’ll find that they actually acquire many ghost or bot followers that do nothing but pollute your account and make your insights more difficult to interpret. 

Growthoid, on the contrary, works for you, avoiding many of these issues by gaining followers manually. It’s like you’re doing it yourself, but the great thing is, they do it for you! 

Features of Growthoid 

Growthoid is the top organic growth platform because it’s productive, transparent, and trustworthy. It employs the use of a dedicated account manager for each client to take control of their organic growth by hand

Your account manager will work directly with you to identify your targets and then deliver followers in that audience.

The top benefit? Peace of mind. You know that your account is being developed by a team that is truly interested in your success and works honestly to do so. 

While your account manager is doing that, you can then turn your attention to other vital elements of running your IG account, such as post scheduling, content development, or insight and analytics.

The top features of Growthoid can be described as follows: 

  • They work according to your targeting instructions. You aren’t going to see a bunch of followers outside of your targeting rage. If you ask for male and female followers between 15-25 in the western US, that’s what you’re going to get. 
  • You have an account manager assigned to you. With many growth services, you won’t get someone to help directly with your account, and ultimately when you need help, you have to go through a general channel for a response. Not with Growthoid– they offer a designated account manager that will tackle all of your account growth and any issues along the way. 
  • Growthoid isn’t industry-specific. Growthoid works for all industries and markets, so no matter how off the wall you think your niche is, Growthoid can help. 
  • Bulk specials. If you have a need to work with multiple accounts, Growthoid can offer you a bulk special, which is great for those who are managing multiple brands or businesses.  
  • 14 day money back guarantee. You’re definitely going to like what you see, and Growthoid offers you a 14 day money back guarantee because they’re sure you will, too.

Growthoid, when reviewed in comparison with other similar services, provides the most effective organic growth services at an affordable price. 

Many services even claim to grow your account manually, when really, they use bots and automation to get any followers they can. We’ve seen it a million times, and we too were skeptical. But it’s absolutely not the case– Growthoid is the real deal.

The winning element of Growthoid is the account manager. It’s invaluable to have someone with a heartbeat actually listen to your needs and then deliver them. You have a growth partner. 

Not only that, you’ll then be able to take your focus off of reaching more followers and turn it to important things like creating high-quality content to boost engagement. 

There’s already a large group of clients that are super satisfied with the results they’ve seen at Growthoid and you can easily find their reviews online.

Can You Actually Grow Your Organic Instagram Followers with Growthoid? 

It’s good to be skeptical with so many options, as some companies don’t deliver on their promises, but yes, with Growthoid, it’s absolutely possible!

One of the main factors is knowing which companies to trust, and Growthoid is a company that actually takes your needs into account, which definitely helps them to stand out. They partner directly with you, and if something isn’t working within your targeting, they will do everything to change it for optimal results. 

The process is very easy and streamlined and won’t add any extra stress or worry to managing your Instagram account. 

Remember, follower vs. engagement ratio is the key indicator of a successful and healthy Instagram following. It’s the most important. 

Everything Growthoid does is done in connection to your target audience and without the use of bots or automation, so you don’t have to worry about any ghost followers or accounts that will skew your ratio. 

Review Wrap-Up

To be successful on Instagram, it’s important to grow your organic followers with a healthy level of engagement. 

For optimal time management and peace of mind, working with a company like Growthoid is definitely the way to go. Reclaim your workflow and let your account manager help with growing your followers. 

Don’t buy fake followers. Don’t spend 8+ hours a day trying to build your reach. Don’t use services that offer a one-size-fits-all “solution.” 

There’s no doubt that the best solution for your Instagram growth needs is Growthoid, and their user reviews back this up.

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